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We offer a unique and proven training program that shows results. We’ve Trained Olympic Athletes & Cirque du Soleil Performers from preschool age until they reached the professional level. All classes are structured to develop skills through progressions based upon Trampoline World Gymnastic’s curriculum. Our curriculum is specific to the development level of each class type. For example, Preschool classes emphasize very basic skills, positions and special matting to assist and manipulate skills. 5-8 year olds beginning - Intermediate are expected to master basic skills and string skills together to form a routine. The older students are better at tasking which speeds up the learning curve. “Fast Trac” classes are very fast paced for the focused, high-energy, extremely motivated students.  Diaper Gym is a parent-assisted class. Parents are taught how to teach their child skills that lead up to pre-k classes.

All classes utilize Power Tumbling Floor, Trampolines and Double Mini Trampoline to develop your child’s sensory integration, the building blocks to all sport skills.


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We Offer training in Aerial Arts, Cheer Tumbling, Trampoline & More!

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Trampoline World's Prime Directive and Teaching Philosophy

“Your child's success will never depend upon another child's failure.”

"Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded."

  — Jess Lair, author

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